Cool! Full-time job for three Phoenix friends is to talk about fantasy football

Friends work by talking about fantasy football
Posted at 6:17 AM, Aug 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-30 14:15:46-04

Tucked away in a north Phoenix business park, Andy, Jason, and Mike sit and talk. The three are friends, and this is their full-time job. 

"Fantasy football is something really special," said Jason Moore, a co-host of the Fantasy Footballers Podcast.

The popular show is all about fantasy football. The three used to work together at a video game studio in Scottsdale, so when the business closed, they started the podcast part-time in a small bedroom.

"If we are obsessed with this sport, with this game, there are other people who want that content," said co-host Andy Holloway. 

And he's right.

The show is now approaching 50 million downloads.

"I think we may have the best job in the entire world," said co-host Mike Wright. “You have to watch football; you have to talk about football."  

And in a world where there's so much divide, the love of fantasy football still holds strong.

“They would be surprised to know how much it brings human interaction with it," Moore said. 

As for what's next with the podcast, they're not sure but they know talking football isn't going to stop.

For now, they'll be hosting their show live on September 4th in downtown Phoenix, for ticket information click here.