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Construction project prevents residents from putting up decorations this year

Posted at 5:25 PM, Dec 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-10 21:06:40-05

Some residents at a condo community in North Phoenix are feeling disappointed after they were told they would not be allowed to put up decorations for the holiday season.

The reason: The Homeowners Association is painting the property and making repairs to the stucco and they fear that decorations could interfere with the project's timeline.

"Wreaths on the door, lights, anything," said Lorene Jarvis, who lives in the neighborhood and is disappointed with the rule. "They go around to the backyards as well, so it's nothing of any sort and you'll get a fine if you do."

Signs are posted throughout Pinnacle at Desert Peak warning of a possible fine if holiday decorations are not removed from the exterior of the buildings. It does not bar residents from putting up decorations in their homes.

ABC15 did see ongoing construction at several units. 

The concern for some is why buildings that are not currently under construction cannot host some holiday spirit.

"In a way, it seems unfair to the whole community that they're not letting anybody do it but you got to abide by the rules," said Jan Whitbeck, a resident.

Other residents ABC15 spoke to did not have an issue with the rule. Some appreciated and even preferred foregoing decorations if it meant a successful building repair.

The law firm of Carpenter Hazlewood, who represents Pinnacle at Desert Peak, provided a bulleted list of information via email regarding the restrictions.

According to that list, decorations will only be restricted this year. They felt it was the "best way to keep the project on track because decorations may interfere with access to the relevant areas."

They also said homeowners were made aware of the change in July and that subsequent information has been relayed on Facebook, through email, letters and at community meetings.

Information from Carpenter Hazlewood:

  • Holiday decorations are not permitted in the community this holiday season due to a large ongoing paint/stucco repair and maintenance project
  • The Association is required by Arizona law to uniformly enforce its rules, as such, this rule must apply uniformly to all homeowners.
  • After consulting the firm performing the project, the Association determined this was the best way to keep the project on track because decorations may interfere with access to the relevant areas.
  • Ample notice was given to homeowners, the first notice was given in July, the project started in October and is estimated to take 8 months to 1 year
  • Numerous additional announcements have been made via letters, at meetings, email blasts, Facebook, postings at the property, etc.
  • This should be the only holiday season impacted.
  • In addition to project delays, the Association wanted to prevent decorations from being damaged by construction.
  • The fine is necessary to enforce the rule, because violations could cause project delays that cost the community additional time and money.
  • To date, no one has been fined, members have been responsive to the rule.