Cave Creek-area residents threatened with fine for displaying rainbow flag

Posted at 10:35 PM, Apr 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-21 12:15:25-04

They hang side by side in the windows of two Cave Creek-area homes, but soon two rainbow flags will be coming down.

The flags are at the center of a battle between the Dove Valley Homeowners Association and two sets of families live near Cave Creek and Carefree Highway.

"My husband and I are big believers in diversity, we have a very diverse family, our children were adopted from Korea," said Anne McKee, who has both the American flag and the rainbow flag hung in the windows of her home.

McKee says the flags went up in January, shortly after President Trump was inaugurated. She says the flags were displayed to show pride for her diverse family, as well as show support for gay rights.

Several weeks later, a letter arrived calling the multicolored flag "unsightly" and said a $25 dollar fine would be imposed if it did not come down.

"I was really taken aback, I really thought they would call us, maybe we could have a conversation about it, but 'unsightly,' it actually made me kind of angry," added McKee.

Two doors down, Bonnie Daly also put up the American flag as well as the rainbow flag to support diversity. Daly was also threatened with a fine.

"We did not do this to incite hate, to stir up trouble," explained Daly. "It was our quiet way of supporting diversity."

Daly and McKee confronted the HOA board Thursday evening during a closed-door meeting, to appeal the fine and to allow the flags to fly.

The HOA board said the fines would wave if the flags came down.

"Even though it's inside the house, they are saying no banners can be seen from the road," said McKee regarding the board's explanation.

The only exception is the American Flag, which is protected by law.

McKee plans to appeal the decision to an administrative real estate judge which oversees HOA matters.

The Dove Valley HOA board president told ABC15 off camera, the board is very accepting and welcomes diversity.

He adds the HOA rules are written in a way to ensure the situation is fair for everyone.