Bobcat family living in Cave Creek attic reunited at conservation center

Posted at 10:28 PM, Jun 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-04 01:28:19-04

A bobcat and her two kittens have been reunited after they were found living in a Cave Creek family's attic.

Wildlife experts say it is "bobcat baby season" and homeowners need to keep an eye on their property. 

The animals are being cared for at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale, getting their vaccines and being monitored, before they will be released back out into the wild. 

"The closer you go, the more protective they get," said veterinary technician Khymberly Lewus.

Lewus is helping care for the five-week-old kittens, which weigh just two pounds each. 

"If you release them too young, mom has a chance of taking off, and then the kittens will be confused and stay behind," Lewus said. 

The female bobcat was captured by a removal company last week. 

"She got pretty nasty and bared her teeth," said Greg Jensvold, the owner of the home where the cat was found. 

She was able to squeeze into an opening of the Jensvold's roof in Cave Creek, making a home in their attic. 

"I couldn't believe it when we found out it was a bobcat up there," said homeowner Donna Jensvold. "Like how in the world could it get in there?"

Because there are a lot of bobcats giving birth right now, homeowners should keep a lookout. 

"They don't want to have them out in the open," Lewus said. "Typically, cats will try to find a quiet, dark spot."

And if that spot is on a homeowner's property, people should call experts right away, who have experience trapping the cats. 

The vets will keep an eye on the bobcats for a couple of months before they're set free as a family. 

"Get them a little larger, then they have a better chance of keeping up with mom in the wild," Lewus said.