Cave Creek couple finds bobcat and cubs in attic

Posted at 10:17 PM, May 31, 2018

A Cave Creek couple finally found the source of noise coming from their attic for weeks: a female bobcat and her two kittens.

The bobcat had been slipping in and out of a small hole in their roof and decided to have her litter in the home.  

"It was nuts," said Greg Jensvold. "I thought maybe a squirrel or a bird, but I can't imagine a bobcat finding it's way in."

They had seen a bobcat drinking from their pool but didn't realize it had slipped into the attic through a small opening in their roof. 

"She liked our house," said Donna Jensvold. "And it was rent free!"

The bobcat liked it so much, she decided it was a good spot to have her two babies. 

"Cute as anything, the kittens are," said Greg. 

The Jensvolds called 'critter control' and a worker first trapped one of the babies then used the same cage to lure mom in.  

"Mom was not cute," said Greg. "Mom was growling and hissing and snapping."

"Which is normal for a mom," said Donna. "We moms are protective."

The handler got the 25-pound female and her baby in one cage, then got the other kitten the next day. 

The whole experience was a first for the couple, who never thought they'd have this kind of unwanted house guest. 

"It'll scare the dog out of you though," said Greg. "It really will."

The bobcat and her babies were all reunited at an animal conservation center. They will be let back out into the wild together soon.