Woman steals art from Bitter & Twisted, hides it under skirt

Posted at 4:02 PM, Sep 19, 2017

UPDATE: On Wednesday evening Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour took to Facebook to say that the painting has since been returned. They thanked the community for their support and thanked "the other party" for "doing the right thing." The post explained that they've accepted the thieves' apologies and that "no futher action" will be taken on their part. 

After having drinks at a downtown Phoenix bar over the weekend, a woman allegedly stole artwork tried hiding it under her skirt, according to surveillance video of the incident.

Ross Simon, the owner of Bitter and Twisted, shared surveillance video of the alleged act with ABC15 and posted screenshots of the video on the bar's Facebook page Monday evening, hoping a little social shaming will force the duo to return the stolen property.

"We hope you enjoyed your time with us. We enjoyed having you as our guests as well, right up to the point you decided that the art we had on public display on the way to the restrooms, would look better in your own home," Simon wrote.

The video appears to show the unidentified woman remove the art from the wall and attempt to hide it under her skirt. When that doesn't work, she and an unidentified man leave the bar with the artwork.

"The part about sticking it up your butt wasn't the smartest as you soon found out, but encouraged on by your equally skilled partner in crime you continued your reenactment of terribly reviewed "Now you see me 2," he wrote, referring to a scene in the 2016 film.

All Simon wants is the artwork to be returned. "No questions asked," he said. The work was commissioned by local artist, Jesse Perry.

If not, he alleges to have her credit card information on hand and will share that with authorities.