Voters allegedly canceling registration over worry data could be sent to Washington D.C.

Posted at 7:49 PM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 22:51:06-04

It's possible information like who you voted for, your social security number and your party affiliation could all be sent to leaders in Washington D.C. But local leaders are fighting to keep the information private.

Today, the custodian of those records in Maricopa County fears the unknown is having the worst impact.

County Recorder Adrian Fontes today tweeted “Our office has had several requests from voters to cancel their registrations because of fear we would share their personal info. It saddens me greatly to have to cancel their registrations out of fear. This is voter suppression and it is wrong.”

Fontes said just this month 56 people have emailed his office asking the County not to release their information. In fact, four people have outright canceled their registrations.

He’s speaking out after Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan’s office confirmed she received a second letter from the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity commission.

It requests that each state send the commission voter registration information, which includes both public and private information.

Reagan previously declined the first request sent on June 28th. However, a federal judge recently paved the way for the commission to move forward by denying a suit filed by Electronic Privacy Information Center.

A second letter was sent today outlining the request. Reagan tweeted the letter out, and said it’s being reviewed by the Attorney General’s Office. Kobach’s letter assures Secretary of States that the info will not be leaked.

Fontes said it will be up to each County Recorder on whether the information is actually released to the commission. He told ABC15 he would fight the request anyway he can by filing an injunction in state or federal court.