VIDEO: How to defend yourself using no weapons

Posted at 9:02 PM, Jul 24, 2017

About every 22 minutes, someone in the state of Arizona is the victim of a violent crime. That is one reason why a Phoenix man is teaching people how to defend themselves with next to nothing.

Geoff Pennington, the owner of Total Submission Fighting and Self Defense, teaches Krav Maga, a method to protect yourself using your first line of defense, which is your body.

Pennington also uses what he calls "improvised weapons." This includes loose change, a magazine and a key.

"I guarantee if someone walked up right now and I threw it at them, they are gonna freak," Pennington said of using loose change as a weapon.

He said throwing the coins in the face of someone trying to attack may throw them off enough for you to get away.

Another option is using a key as a weapon.

Pennington suggests purchasing a fake key that has a sharp tip. You can carry this on your key chain, and walk with it in your hand.

He suggests always going for the head and using a poking or slashing tactic.

"This is a very jagged key and it going to leave a very jagged line," he explained.

Your third option is keeping a rolled up magazine in your bag.

It may not seem tough, but Pennington said it feels almost like being hit with a pipe.

It will help you to create space between yourself and the perpetrator. You can also aim for pressure points on the body.

"It's very easy, it is gross motor skills," Pennington said. "It's just being aware of your surroundings and being aware of what it would take to disable someone and get away."

He estimates the average attack takes only four to six seconds.

That's why knowing how to use your hands and an improvised weapon can help you fend someone off, should you not have the time to reach for a gun, Taser or mace.