VIDEO: Armed man walks into Phoenix Comic-Con

Posted at 5:21 PM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-19 13:05:05-04

Surveillance video reveals how a man, with an arsenal of loaded weapons, walked right into Phoenix Comic-Con, and how he blended in even though he posted a huge threat to the public. 

In a room full of costumes and prop weapons, no one noticed Matthew Sterling. 

The man was wearing black, head to toe, and was carrying four weapons, knives and a lot of ammunition. He was wandering around Phoenix Comic-Con on May 25th. 

A security guard briefly stopped him pointing him in one direction. Perhaps it was to the prop and weapon safety check station, but Sterling turned and walked the other way without facing any consequences. 

In the investigative report released with the surveillance video, an off-duty police lieutenant working the event admitted to seeing Sterling nearly two hours before an arrest was made.

He said he noticed the shotgun shells in a bandoleer seemed so new, which made him think they were props. 

Sterling was arrested after a woman who had been communicating with him on social media called police saying the man had planned to kill police and a celebrity at the event. 

Phoenix's incident touched off a new review of prop rules at Comic-Cons across the nation, including the event scheduled for San Diego.