VIDEO: Valley airman surprises son at school

Posted at 7:58 AM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 10:02:41-05

You've already read the headline so you know what's coming, but you will still want that box of tissues handy.

Miguel Rodriguez, a member with the U.S. Air Force, has spent the last six months away from home deployed to Qatar.

On Thursday, he returned home and the first stop was to Bret R. Tarver Elementary in Phoenix where he could surprise his son, Isaac.

Watch the entire moment in the video player above.

"Hi Isaac. Come here. Come here. Did you miss me? Yeah? I missed you too. I missed you so much. I'm back OK. Give me a kiss," Rodriguez said to Isaac, who gave his dad a big hug and would not let go.

He was supposed to come home on Sunday, but made his trip a little earlier for the surprise.

What's he looking forward to enjoying most?

"Go eat pizza. I missed pizza so we are going to go eat pizza and spent time together as a family and just enjoy being together, enjoy being back. I can tell they miss me. He [Isaac's younger brother, Jason] hasn't let me go since I surprised him at home and I don't think he [Isaac] is going to let me go either."