Van window blown out in I-17 road rage incident

Posted at 9:17 PM, Feb 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 07:15:26-05

The Department of Public Safety was called out to investigate after a man's car window was blown out while traveling on Interstate 17 on Sunday afternoon.

According to troopers, there was a call placed with the department regarding shots fired on I-17 at Cactus Road, but it was later determined that this was a case of road rage and not a shooting. 

ABC15 spoke with the driver of a gold van, James Berg, who said he was driving south on I-17, with his service dog in the van, when a white truck was driving aggressively. He said the truck's passengers were flipping him off, yelling at him and also throwing water bottles at his van. A second vehicle joined in and was also driving aggressively, he said. 

According to Berg, one of the vehicles started driving in front of him, and the second vehicle got behind his car. 

"One of them passed me, got in front of me, and the other one in the front was slamming on the breaks, and the one behind me was coming up on my bumper," Berg said.

Berg said someone in one of the trucks threw an object that blew out his left rear window. He and his dog were not hurt in the incident. 

"My window exploded," he said. 

Berg said he tried to follow the trucks in order to get the license plate numbers, but was unable to. He said the trucks were also aggressive with other drivers.

"To take out a window and a tail light, it had to be at least one or two different things, projectiles," Berg said.

He described one of the trucks as a white GMC Sierra that had two flags flying off of the back of the truck. One of the flags was an Arizona state flag and the other was a black flag with a white imprint of a woman. He said the passengers in the vehicle had shaved heads. 

Berg said someone in the second vehicle, that was also driving aggressively, was throwing objects at his van. He described that vehicle as a black F250 truck that had two white and blue Yamaha motorcycles in the cab. He said there were four people in the truck. 

DPS said that this incident is not a shots fired situation as there were no bullet strikes found on the vehicle and there were also no shell casings located. 

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