Valley woman gets stuck on flooded road

Posted at 6:25 PM, Apr 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-11 08:56:26-04

Police blocked off streets and put up barricades in the area of Hatcher and 10th Street, after a woman attempting to drive through a flooded road ended up getting stuck.

The ordeal was a costly risk to get home quickly for Kathryn Wilson.

"I was just going home from driving around out in the rain to get a car wash, a free car wash and I forgot about these streets, I know it," said Wilson regretfully.

She added that she did not realize the water would be that deep and regretted her decision.

Residents living in the Sunnyslope neighborhood said they've been concerned about flooding since a neighboring church had put up a fence around their property.  

This was the first big rain since the fence was put up, but residents said they predicted water would not be able to flow through the area, as the fence acted as a barricade that blocked the flow of water in the area.

"We want them to fix it. We don't want this backing up and making it even worse for us," said Nancy Torres, a resident concerned about flooding on her street.

It took about an hour for a tow truck to show up and haul Wilson out of the water. She said her engine just stopped as she was driving through the water, and her car would not start.

City workers finally showed up to put barricades along a section of the area.

Phoenix police said the woman was not cited with the Stupid Motorist Law in this case.