Valley man gets inked to help raise money for friend fighting brain cancer

Posted at 9:50 PM, Dec 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 06:52:27-05

Behind a tattoo, there's usually a story. Aaron Shoemaker’s latest tattoo is about friendship, compassion and courage.

"It will always be a memory of how people stepped up to help friends, family and even strangers,” Shoemaker said.

He’s stepping up to help his friend Josh Heidkamp, who’s in Minnesota, fighting brain cancer. 

"I want them to focus on getting better and the treatment, and I want to help with the donation and the financial side of things,” Shoemaker said.

That's what sparked his idea to put out a call online, asking that if anyone donates at least $5,000 to his friend’s medical fund, Shoemaker will get a name, logo or brand tattooed on his body.

This week, someone took him up on his offer, and Shoemaker live streamed getting inked.

"What kind of made it really interesting was they were anonymous,” Shoemaker said.

For $250 dollars, Shoemaker has already shaved his beard online. For $2,500, he’s still offering to shave his hair. But these are more than just donations.

"I think it's all the people who are sharing the story and donating even the smallest amounts. I think I'll always have that memory, so I'm really proud to have it (tattoo) on me,” Shoemaker said.

The 16 letters on his arm spell out "Anonymous for Josh" — but what they really mean is support.

Shoemaker said he wants to continue supporting his friend’s medical fund, so his offer to get inked is still open.

If you’d like to get involved, visit the donation page here.