Valley man wants bus company to take accountability after being injured during ride, harassed

Posted at 10:24 PM, Aug 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-14 10:48:45-04

An Arizona man is speaking out after allegedly having a rough experience on a bus recently.

Tim Oeinck says on Saturday night he waited over 40 minutes on a bus without air conditioning. To make matters worse, according to Oeinck, the bus driver made a sudden stop and he injured his elbow. 

Oeinck’s wife took to the customer review website Yelp to warn others about the incident. According to his wife, the driver “could not produce insurance” after her husband’s injury.

According to the Yelp review, a person behind an unknown phone number, reached out to Oeinck directly over text messages.

“So, I heard you got a boo boo,” the text message read. “Stop being a b**ch and trying to get rich off of us.”

The messages continued to get more insensitive — and even racist. 

James responded to the review with some accusations of his own calling Oeinck’s review “the most ridiculous fabrication [he has] ever seen.” He denied sending the text messages and apologized for the temperature on the bus but assured that it did have air conditioning.

“Tom [the bus driver] had some issues down there with street closures and finding you,” James wrote. “I heard that he had to hit the brakes and someone was standing up and fell forward and hit his elbow on some metal trim.”

Oeinck says he had to go to an urgent care facility and he hopes Arizona Bus Company will reimburse him for the tab.

“My biggest concern is not even the medical bills we may incur, but the tirade of hate, bigotry and religious intolerance that a business ‘professional’ chose to pepper me with,” Oeinck said.

However, he is not the only one with complaints from that particular ride.

Yelp user Rosanna M. of Gilbert described her ride as being a “sweat box” and is upset she had to walk to the bus because there were barricades set up downtown for the Diamondbacks’ game.

She explained that once on, the driver “slammed on the brakes so hard that we all went flying forward. A few were injured and needed medical attention,” she wrote. 

The owner responded to several of the reviews calling them defamatory and harassment. ABC15 attempted to reach out to the company directly for a comment but has not heard back.