Valley family desperately searches for missing woman

Posted at 6:44 PM, May 16, 2017

Wednesday will mark one week since a Valley mom disappeared, leaving all her belongings and her two children behind, with no explanation.

30-year old Christine Mustafa was last seen by her boyfriend, who said she was leaving for work, according to Mustafa's sister Linda Donaldson.

"He said she left for work but I don't know how she got there because she had a flat tire on her vehicle," said Donaldson.

What had the family extremely concerned was that Mustafa left her wallet, her car, and her cell phone behind.

A family friend tells ABC15 her cell phone was found "submerged in water" in the home.  Her boyfriend reportedly told police she had dropped her phone into the water.

Mustafa had six sisters, several of whom she spoke to on a daily basis.  Donaldson said one of their sisters was expected to watch Mustafa's baby, while she went to work.

She added that Mustafa took great pride in her job at a local Walgreens, and was the type of person who never called in sick unless it was extremely serious.  Last Thursday, she agreed to cover a shift for a co-worker, but never showed up to work.

"She wouldn't just leave her 8-month old child and disappear or vanish like that," said Donaldson.

Family and friends say they were trying to leave no stone unturned in their search for Christine.  They say they had sent search parties out into the desert and mountains in the area where she lived, off Cave Creek Dam Road and Mariposa Grande in North Phoenix.

The family was also seeking information from Tempe based Evidential Medium Melinda Vail.  Family members said Vail had picked up on several names close to Christine with no prompting from them, but they declined to disclose the information they had received during their meeting.

"I definitely don't think she just got up and left.  She wouldn't leave everything, her daughters, her sisters, my mom," said Donaldson.

She explained that Mustafa had been close to her mom.  The family was already dealing with the loss of one sister, so this came at a difficult time.

Donaldson said they were holding on to hope, but feared the worst.

Phoenix police have confirmed that this is an "active missing persons investigation.” The case has been assigned detectives, and police served a search warrant at Mustafa's home on Monday night.  Police declined to tell us what they found.

ABC15 has learned that Mustafa's child is now in the care of the Department of Children Services.  Police are looking for her boyfriend at this time.

If you have any information, please call Phoenix police or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.