UPS driver finds dismembered dogs on Phoenix route

Posted at 5:38 PM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-10 22:12:26-04

A UPS driver on his regular route made a horrifying discovery that has now prompted a police animal cruelty investigation.

Charlie Fisher, a freight delivery and pick up driver for UPS, was driving in the 33rd Avenue and Lewis Avenue area, when he saw something that made him turn around his truck.

"I seen what I thought to be an animal. I wasn't sure what kind of an animal, so I turned the truck around," Fisher described. "It's pretty graphic. There was a skull. The skull had the hide peeled off of it, then I noticed a foot."

The video he showed ABC15 is too graphic to show on air, but Fisher believed there were at least two dog carcasses out there.

Laid out next to the carcasses and dismembered parts, were several jugs and a plastic tub filled with an unknown liquid.

Phoenix police responded to the scene, taped off the area and called fire department HAZMAT units to check out the liquids. Police say it's still an open investigation.

Detectives guess the dog (or dogs) may have been used in a dog fighting ring, although there is no evidence to support that theory.

Fisher says the dogs were dumped in plain sight along a public road. He even checked in with surrounding businesses to see if they had seen the gruesome sight.

"I asked them, 'You guys, this is your business, you didn't see it? They said, 'We seen it, we just didn't know what it was, we kept going,'" said Fisher.

He added that seeing something that tragic, he just had to do something about it, so he called 911.

Fisher said the responding officers appeared to be disgusted by the sight.

"From stories that I've read on serial killers and stuff like that, they start out just like this. Small bugs then proceed on to larger and larger animals. I said you need to look into this and find this person."

If you know anything about this case of animal cruelty, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.