Uncle of ABC15 reporter steals spotlight at presidential debate

Posted at 7:18 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 22:18:19-04

Like millions of others, I was at home watching the second presidential debate, Sunday night. I was about to take another bite of my Thai food, when my jaw dropped.

Karl Becker, my uncle and my mom’s youngest brother, took the microphone during the debate and asked the final question.

“Would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another?” Karl asked both candidates.

That simple question, dropping the defenses for both candidates, if only for a second, has now gone viral.

Secretary Hillary Clinton said she respected Trump’s children. Donald Trump said Clinton was a fighter who doesn’t give up.

“Perhaps it was just a question that was on everybody's mind,” Karl explained.

I asked Karl about the question which has sent vibrations around the world.

He said he came up with the question Saturday morning, and ran it by both his kids for approval.

When he delivered this question, the room full of spectators let out an audible gasp, and then applauded.

Some on the internet proclaiming him as the winner of the debate, just for injecting some positivity.

“How did this all come about? I had absolutely no idea you were going to be a part of the debate,” I asked.

"They contacted me via phone and asked me a series of questions,” Karl said.

Karl says he’s participated in voting polls for years, and always answers his phone. A couple of weeks ago Gallup called him and asked his voting preference this election.

After he qualified, they asked him to sit in the audience for the town hall debate.

“What was it like being in that room?” I asked.

“The best description I can give you, it was like two fighters... circling each other in the ring...” explained Karl.

Karl says he had to give up his cell phone, was forbidden from using social media, and he was sequestered for hours before the debate.

His carefully crafted question, written down on a note card and approved by moderators well before hand.

After the debate, the candidates came up to him and thanked him for the question.

But the big question I had for Karl now; who is he voting for?

“I have decided to remain undecided,” said Karl.

Thanks, Uncle Karl.