Two Men and a Truck takes action for families in need with 'Movers for Moms'

Posted at 4:55 AM, May 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-11 08:58:26-04

While many plan to take this upcoming weekend to spoil mom on Mother's Day weekend, there are some who do not need frills, but just the necessities. 

One organization in the Valley is taking action and taking a load off to give struggling families items that many people take for granted. 

ABC15 joined Two Men and a Truck as they unloaded thousands of donation items in Phoenix for their 'Movers for Moms' campaign.

They were volunteering their own time during a time of day when the sun is not as generous as they are. 

"We'll survive," laughed Jasmine Duclose with Two Men and a Truck when asked about moving box after box in the heat. 

Duclose also said the campaign has taken on even more heavy-lifting in the last few years.

"Here in Arizona last year, we collected about 59,000 items," Duclose said. 

The 'Movers for Moms' campaign works for months to gather donations. Instead of a spa day, flowers and fancy gifts; they give hygiene products, clothes, baby food and diapers to mothers in facilities like UMOM and The Sojourner Center here in the Valley. Both help people with homelessness and those who are impacted by domestic violence. 

"Pretty much all of our participants come to us with nothing," explained Stephanie Walsh with The Sojourner Center. 

"It's almost magical," Robin Telle with UMOM described. "...They're so thankful that someone hasn't forgotten about them and they are being remembered."

Two Men and a Truck do a multitude of campaigns for different organizations throughout the year. If you would like to learn how to help, click here.