Tips on how to curb your allergies after recent monsoon storms

Posted at 6:01 AM, Jul 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-19 09:46:28-04

Many across the Valley are suffering from allergies after recent monsoon storms.

Allergist Michael Saavedra says typically during the summer months, the pollen is from grass (Bermuda grass) and tumbleweeds.

Ragweed is also a common allergy trigger.

Even if it doesn’t grow where you live, the monsoon winds can pick up the pollen and carry it across the Valley.

“People can be allergic to pollen, pets and mold,” Saavedra said. “During the summer months mold tends to be more of an issue,” Saavedra said.

Saavedra says it’s helpful to get tested to see what you’re allergic too. Then doctors can predict when your symptoms will start and get you on medicine ahead of time.

Saavedra says if you’re already suffering, take an over the counter medication.

“We start with antihistamines like Zyrtec and there's a new one over the counter called Xyzal which is one of the most effective antihistamines on the market right now,” Saavedra said.

Saavedra also recommends allergy shots.