Thursday marks week since last freeway shooting

Posted at 7:40 AM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 10:40:14-04

Thursday marked seven days since the last confirmed freeway shooting case in Phoenix.

SPECIAL SECTION: Phoenix Freeway Shootings

The Arizona Department of Public Safety continues its round-the-clock investigation with dozens of agents combing through information, DPS spokesman Bart Graves said.

There were eleven incidents of vehicles being struck by a bullet (eight times) or a projectile (three times) between late-August and September 10, according to DPS. No one was hurt.

Investigators have received approximately 1,000 tips, generating 550 leads, according to Graves.

While DPS does not have a suspect, the agency’s “person of interest” in the case has a court hearing scheduled for Friday morning.

Oscar De La Torre Munoz was arrested on suspicion of felony possession of marijuana September 11 and has been held in jail on a probation violation.  De La Torre Munoz previously pleaded guilty to endangerment after a roadway speeding arrest.