Tear gas, flash bang used to arrest man wanted by police

Posted at 5:00 AM, Jul 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-02 16:04:15-04

A man who police say has made threats to officers was arrested near 35th Street and Thomas Road at an apartment complex early Saturday morning. 

According to the Phoenix Police Department, officials had been looking for the suspect for several months after he made threats to officers and he was also being sought for drug related reasons. 

Police were able to finally locate the man, and to ensure the man wasn't able to get away a large presence of officers were present in the area at the time of his capture. 

Neighbors were also evacuated from the area as officers used tear gas and a flash bang to get the man, who was arrested. A helicopter was also used in the investigation. 

It's not clear who the man is or exactly how long police were looking for him.