Stolen dog found at Petopia boarding facility to be reunited with family in Florida

Posted at 7:10 PM, May 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-29 23:48:54-04

A stolen dog found at the Planet Petopia boarding facility in Phoenix is going to be reunited Wednesday with its family in Florida after two years.

More than 100 animals were seized from the Planet Petopia boarding facility in February after someone tipped police off to poor living conditions.

The Arizona Humane Society says that since then, they’ve been scanning all of the pets taken for microchips. The humane society found Remi, a seven pound Chihuahua, was linked to an owner who lives in Florida.

The humane society contacted Robert, a single dad with two sons, who was ecstatic to hear that someone had found their family pet. He says someone had stolen Remi from them two years ago.

"My house was basically broken into. I had several items taken...TV's, collectibles, watches, as well as Remington," Robert said.

Robert says he and his son, now 9-years-old, never gave up hope and even kept Remi’s collar and bowl. 

Unfortunately, Remi’s move back to his old family had to be put on hold because of health issues, but he’s now ready to be reunited. 

Robert was unable to make the trip to Arizona to pick up their long-lost pet, so a humane society volunteer that was already headed to Florida offered to take Remi along Wednesday to reunite the family.

Volunteer Tricia Chinappi will be taking Remi to Florida. She says something like this is exactly why she volunteers.

"Oh my gosh, yeah! This is what people that volunteer in shelters...this is what we live for!"