Sister believes accused 'canal killer' Bryan Miller responsible for sister's disappearance

Posted at 6:48 PM, Nov 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-17 21:03:42-05

Phoenix police say an investigation into connecting more victims to the alleged “canal killer” remains open as his trial date approaches. 

Bryan Miller has been behind bars since his arrest last year. But in the meantime, the family of Brandy Myers has been waiting to see if they’ll receive closure. 

Police asked the county attorney to charge Miller in the death of Myers back in September of last year. However, no body was found and no charges were filed. Police told ABC15 today that detectives have still not found physical evidence linking the two cases. 

Myers’ sister, Kristin Thelen, spoke with ABC15. Thelen says she believes Miller is responsible for her sister’s disappearance back in 1992, because of how close Miller use to live to the family in their Sunnyslope neighborhood.

“He confessed that a girl came to a door selling girl scout cookies or something similar. I know that this was my sister,” said Thelen, in reference to a Crime Watch Daily episode that reveals Miller told his wife about killing a girl. 

Thelen hopes her sister’s case could be used in a plea deal for Miller. The alleged “canal killer’s” trial is scheduled to start next year. He’s currently accused of murdering 22 year old Angela Brasso and 17 year old Melanie Bernas.