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Secure your home from being burglarized for cheap

Posted at 10:58 PM, Nov 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-21 00:58:41-05

The holidays are here, which means families will be traveling and leaving their home empty and at risk for a break-in. There are several quick, cheap security fixes anyone can do without breaking the bank to stay safe. 

"They can't believe it happened to them in their neighborhood," said Locksmith Yuvi Shmul with Discount Locks. 

Shmul said it's all about showing crooks you've taken the steps to keep your home safe. 

"The first level is an appearance of security," said Shmul. 

And that starts on the outside with signs and stickers saying your home is being monitored, even if it's not.

"When they see that, they will go to the next door," said Shmul. 

There are several small items under $50 that can help; like a $17 security bar, $15 no drill handle, $3 window locks, and a $3 flip latch. 

"You put it down and you cannot open the door," said Shmul. "To open the door you need to lift it and turn it around."

Burglars are more likely to use a side door so they're out of view and have more time to work. And if that door doesn't have a deadbolt, a person can easily use a credit card to jiggle it open. 

Your sliding door is also at risk because thieves can lift and slide it off the tracks. You can spend a couple bucks on a wooden rod or PVC pipe to keep them out. 

And if a guy wants to kick your door in, a $1 solution is longer screws. 

Your garage is also a major target. Thieves can use a hanger to reach the emergency pull, but garage locks will stop it. 

If you want to spend a bit more than $50, a high end cylinder with a high security lock is close to impossible to pick, and will cost you about $100.

And for about double that, a home security system with sensors and alarms will be loud enough to spook anyone out of your home.