Salvation Army delivers water to those in need during hot weather

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jun 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-06 21:57:19-04

Even in the shade of this hot day, the heat still wears you down.

On days like today, when the National Weather Service issues an excessive heat warning, The Salvation Army gets on the road to find some of the most vulnerable people.

"Hey folks, we have water for you guys. Would you guys like some water?" says a member of The Salvation Army Red Shield Survival Squad as he approaches a homeless camp.

Being homeless, Whitey Hurst and his wife spend countless hours outside.

“It just makes us extraordinarily tired and weak," Hurst said.

Cold water on a hot day is a simple gesture that means everything to them.

“Life it means life, period," Hurst said. "A lot of these places (stores) won’t give us ice water."

On the road and around the Valley, volunteers hand out water, hats and sunscreen to anyone who needs it.

You could be dangerously affected by the heat and not even know it.

“When you’re not sweating [anymore], worry about dizziness, worry about dehydration issues," said Major Wayne Froderberg, listing symptoms that indicate heat illness. 

Volunteers are looking out not only for the symptoms of heat illness, but for the people who are most at risk.

“It means a lot, every little bit of a hand out is God sent," Hurst said.