Roadie: The road to extra dough

Posted at 6:06 AM, Jul 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-05 09:06:43-04

Pizza delivery has long been a way to make some extra dough, right?

But there’s one app that claims you can deliver just about anything -- and ship items, too.

Now the road to financial success might not be as easy as a click and a swipe but “Roadie” does make it easier to save money and even earn some cash.

“It's just books and you know, knick-knacks she absolutely just had to have.”

Kim Witzak found herself in a bind when her daughter’s stuff didn’t fit in her suitcases to come home from college in Michigan. So Kim created a “gig” on the Roadie app, named it "Jennie’s Junk" and auctioned off the opportunity to drive it to the desert.

“We were going one way. The stuff only needed to go one way. I didn't need a big moving company.”

It wasn’t long before she had her driver lined up. They agreed on a price and the winning bid went to “Big Sam from Louisiana.”

Talk about your creative ways to make some green right? All you have to do is get the Roadie app, check the gigs in your area and then get going.

It isn’t a perfect system, though. Sometimes the gigs don’t pop up in the right place but if you’re headed on a road trip and you don’t mind hauling somebody’s junk, Roadie might help pay for your gas and maybe a little more.

If you’re sending something, Kim says it could save you hundreds over the big shipping companies. You just have to be OK with someone named “Big Sam” taking control of your valuables.

“I'm not a technology person so for me to be able to even do it was really good,” Kim told me.

Download the Roadie app here.