A look at viral video show Right This Minute

Posted at 10:13 PM, Sep 14, 2015

Right This Minute: It means fast, current content and the RTM gang invited us down to their Phoenix studios to check it out for ourselves.

Gayle, Oli, Christian and Nick let us enter their world of wild and funny clips and here’s how the conversation went as we viewed various videos.

YouTube user Jordan Hardison posted a bonfire video.

Oli: “Gasoline, bonfires, and standing too close do not end well.”

Dan: “I feel like such a dad saying that looks so dangerous...Who's allowing this to happen?!”

Facebook video of a little girl and her babysitter performing a dance routine.

Danielle: “Shaking her hips, hands on hips like that. I love it.”

Christian: “Yeah they're dancing to 'Hit the Quan' by iHeart Memphis and I think her moves are pretty darn good.”

Dan: “That's the moment right, there, that's when everything spikes and it goes viral.”

YouTube user Alabama Adventures posted videos of a fishing trip that turned into a kitten rescue.

Dan: “Did they take a picture afterwards holding it up like they would a large mouth bass?”

YouTube user Jason Clark posted a video in which it looks like his boat is driving itself after he jumps off to go wake surfing.

Oli: “This is one of those videos which we then actually get suspicious about and we start questioning its authenticity.”

Nick: “Whether its fake, whether its real, whether he really fell off the boat, who knows…good job!”

Basically, this show takes your water cooler conversation and puts it on television.

From all over the world and right into your living room, Right This Minute gives you more than a few minutes of fun.

You can catch RTM on ABC15 starting September 15th at 12:30 am and again at 1:00 am.