Return of monsoon storms leaves major damage in Valley neighborhoods

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jul 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-19 21:11:50-04

A Phoenix neighborhood is continuing to clean up after Monday's powerful monsoon storm. 

Near 44th Street and McDowell, strong winds toppled trees into the roads and over brick wall fences, knocking them down into residents' yards.

Salt River Project crews also worked to repair power lines that were down in the area. 

Town homes and apartment complexes were also hit hard, with broken windows, tile shingles from roofs knocked down, and air conditioning units damaged and shifted from the wind.

“We got right now about eight people working [to] clean up this... everything," said Benito Hernandez, a repairman doing work on town homes Tuesday.

“His boss called him [saying], ‘It’s like Armageddon! It’s really bad,'" said Rosemary De La Rosa, the repairman's wife.