Phoenix woman in need of kidney transplant for the second time

Posted at 9:39 PM, Mar 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-06 09:07:00-05

Friends and family are rallying behind a Phoenix woman who is in desperate need of a kidney transplant.

More than a decade ago, 39-year-old Lisa San Miguel was diagnosed with kidney failure while in her mid-20s. San Miguel knew the devastating news meant difficult times ahead — but she continued to stay strong. 

On San Miguel's 27th birthday in 2004, she discovered her mother was a perfect match. She was able to live a "normal" life again with all the freedom she had previously lost.  

"My mother gave me life twice," she said.  

However, 11 years later in 2013, San Miguel became ill with the fungal infection Valley fever and in 2015, she was told she would need a second transplant.  

"It's a little devastating," San Miguel told ABC15. "You don't picture yourself having to go through this again. I had a completely normal life for 11 years after my first transplant." 

"At the end of July 2015, I received some tough news, I was told I would need a 2nd kidney transplant and would need to start kidney dialysis immediately," San Miguel wrote on her website, "Lisa's Kidney Journey."

Today, San Miguel attends dialysis treatment three times a week for three hours a day. The process takes a toll on her body but she continues to fight for her life.  

"While I have thankfully, been able to continue my full-time career and dialysis treatments...maintaining both has been far from easy," she wrote. "My faith has allowed me to continue pressing forward with hope in my heart. I refuse to allow dialysis to take over my life."  

The Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix has approved her to undergo a second transplant procedure once she finds a matching donor.  

San Miguel, along with her friends and family — or, Lisa's Kidney Krew — have taken to social media to spread her message. Not only is she looking for a living donor, but she also aims to encourage and inspire others who may be battling a similar situation.  

On her website, San Miguel has included more information about her life, as well as a quiz people can take to see if they're a right match. 

"Opening up about my journey has not been easy, but in sharing my experience I pray I can help others that are facing a similar challenge," she wrote. "...I am here to listen and encourage."