Phoenix Police shine spotlight on female recruits

Posted at 8:33 PM, May 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-19 11:12:21-04

The city of Phoenix recently released a new brochure, highlighting women in public safety. It featured new recruits of the Phoenix Police Department and Fire Department, both of which have female chiefs and they are looking to hire more women.

But before new police officers start patrolling on the streets, they have to put in 20 weeks at the police academy. And phase one of the hiring process is making it through the physical fitness test.

New recruits Tresea Aberra and Lindsey Schultz performed the physical fitness test, which includes several timed activities. The women scaled fences, jumped over walls, went through an obstacle course and dragged a 165 pound dummy.

Aberra and Schultz graduate next Friday. They will join about 400 other females. That's 12.7% of the force. The department's goal is 13%.

"I think we are showing other women and our daughters and anyone else out there that females can do it too," said Aberra. "And we will."

When asked about being a woman in a male dominated field, the ladies say it does not stand in the way.

"I don' think there is any scrutiny," said Aberra. "I think the challenges that we put on ourselves are strong and harder than what the guys put on us."

"We've been equal," said Schultz. "Everything we do is equal. We are all held up to the same standards."

And the women say having Jeri Williams as the Phoenix Police Chief has been a big inspiration.

"I think it shows young women who have maybe never thought about a career in law enforcement, to be like, she can lead and be a strong leader and I can do something like that," said Schultz.

Phoenix PD is looking to hire about 300 officers. If you are interested in applying click HERE.