Phoenix police pull dead, neglected animals from home, say 'whole house reeked of death and feces'

Posted at 12:07 PM, Jan 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-24 19:47:12-05

Seven neglected animals including one dead dog were removed from a feces-infested home in Central Phoenix.

Police report that they responded to a home near 16th Street and Thomas Road after a Valley employer contacted them because they hadn't heard from their employee in several days and were concerned about him. 

No one answered the door when police arrived and as they went to an opened side window, they "immediately noticed the smell of death and feces."

Looking inside, they reportedly saw one dead dog in a kennel without food or water. Police also saw several other dogs in kennels without food or water and feces all over the floor, couches and walls. 

Police say after numerous announcements, 54-year-old Brian Leonard finally answered, saying he was OK. They talked with Leonard in front of his home, but when he was informed that he was going to be arrested, Leonard ran back into the home. He was tackled by an officer, both of them landing in a pile of feces on the living room floor.

Leonard reportedly told police that the dog had died a few days before. The humane society rescued six animals -- three dogs and three birds.

Leonard has been charged with resisting arrest and multiple counts of animal cruelty.