Phoenix officers plead with city for raises

Posted at 6:18 PM, Dec 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-02 20:18:56-05

Saying they are sick and tired of being undervalued hundreds of police officers walked into a city council meeting Wednesday.

The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association is getting ready to renegotiate their current contract with the city and they want their first raise in six years.

"Enough is enough. Our guys have endured pay cuts, they've endured furloughs, they've endured delayed compensation. We are sick of it," said Will Buividas with PLEA.

The contract negotiations come at a time when Phoenix police are starting to hire new officers for the first time in years.

Phoenix lost more than 500 officers during the recession.

Earlier this year Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton committed to hiring 300 officers this year, so far that total stands at 149.

"Certainly we are going to fall short of the 300 but only because we the police department will not in any way lower the standards for the quality of the recruits that they bring into the department," said Mayor Stanton.

Buividas says Phoenix would have an easier time if they raised their pay scale to better compete with other area police departments.

"You gotta pay competitively to get people into the department. All the recruits have seen for the last six years is pay cuts," said Buividas.