Phoenix police officer helps woman in labor after car crash

Posted at 2:29 PM, Mar 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 21:31:18-05

What started out as a routine shift quickly escalated for a Phoenix police officer.

A post on the department's Facebook page says officer Sean Muniz responded to the area of Roosevelt and 7th streets and arrested a trespasser.

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While entering information related to the call in his squad car into his computer, police said a car crash happened right in front of him, coming close to hitting his parked vehicle.

One of the drivers came running over, saying his wife was inside one of the crashed cars and undergoing labor.

"This was no excuse to try and get out of a ticket, there in the car was [the driver's] wife having contractions," police said.

With an angry suspect in the back of his car and a frantic mother and father, the officer had a decision to make.

"Very often, and in dramatic fashion, an officer is called upon to make choices about what to prioritize," police wrote in the post about the incident.

Officer Muniz called the fire department and then worked with the father to deliver the baby, which was a month ahead of its due date.

Firefighters arrived and were able to get the soon-to-be mother to the hospital in time for the baby to be delivered.

Later in the shift, Muniz was able to stop by the hospital to make sure mom and baby were both doing well.