PD: Child found, woman missing after man killed

Posted at 4:03 PM, Feb 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-07 18:32:59-05

The Phoenix Police Department is looking for a woman who is unaccounted for after a man was shot and killed at an apartment complex. 

A 1-year-old child and a woman, Veronica Huerta Brown, were unaccounted for Saturday night after a man was killed at an apartment complex near 12th Street and Indian School Road.

Investigators said that the child and Brown were in a car with the victim when the victim was ordered out of the vehicle by two men. The men shot the victim and took the child from him, police said. 

It is not clear whether the woman and child were abducted by the suspects or whether they fled the scene separately.

According to a Phoenix Police update on Sunday morning, the child was located safely but Brown had yet to be found. They are worried for her safety and are actively looking for her.

“We believe that all three, the victim, Veronica and (the child), arrived at this apartment complex, just before the shooting, together in a vehicle,” Phoenix Police spokesman James Holmes said.

Holmes said two shooters, described as Hispanic men, were already at the apartment complex and ordered the victim to get out of the car with the child.

“At that point, the suspect grabbed the child and fired on the victim and took the child and he left,” Holmes said.

Witnesses told police that they heard four gunshots.

“It was like, ‘Pom pom,’ and then, ‘Pom pom,’” neighbor Jennalee Yazzie said.

“He said it was a very small white hatchback, is what he saw. And [the car] was moving quite fast, getting right out of there after the shots and the screams,” neighbor Bryan Cunningham said.

Anyone with information as to where Brown may be are encouraged to contact the Phoenix Police Violent Crimes Bureau at (602) 262-6141. Calls can remain anonymous. 

Witnesses told police that at least two male suspects got away from the apartment complex in a 90s model vehicle that is either a white Honda or white Taurus. 

It's not known what relationship the victim may have had with the two suspects or with the woman police are trying to locate. It's also not known what relation, if any, the woman and child may have with the suspects. 

“We have to consider that both this female and this child, based on the violence that occurred here this afternoon, could very well be in danger,” Holmes said on Saturday.

Police are looking for the 90s white vehicle that left the scene. 

The incident happened in a back parking lot of the apartment complex, police said. 

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