Phoenix woman arrested in case of 'sextortion'

Posted at 1:33 PM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 06:15:00-05

A Valley man recorded a conversation with his mistress who threatened to expose their affair if she wasn't paid $50,000, police say. 

According to court documents, 30-year-old Nicole Marie Bradley got upset when she found out the man she was involved with was actually married. Out of anger, she demanded $50,000 from the victim.

The victim went to police with a recording of Bradley saying she planned to expose the affair by sending "evidence of their relationship including text messages, emails, photographs, sex tapes and written correspondence" to the man's wife. 

Bradley tells ABC15 the couple met online back in 2013. She said the man visited her family in California and they spent time together with their kids.

“I was very understanding and very much in love with him,” said Bradley.

At one point, Bradley became suspicious. After a bit of online work, she tracked down the man’s wife on Facebook.

“He told me I was going to ruin his life if he had to tell the truth,” Bradley said.

Bradley admits she threatened to tell the man's wife if he didn't pay her $50,000.

“It was more or less to back him into a corner,” said Bradley. “It was more or less because I knew he lost his job. I knew he didn't have the money. So I figured if he had the choice, he would come clean.”

But police did not see it that way. They had Bradley under surveillance when the victim recorded their conversation, and she was arrested.

“I take full responsibility for saying the wrong thing because I was angry and very hurt,” Bradley said.

Court documents say she would accept payments over time. But when Bradley was actually offered $5,000 in cash, she declined.

“I figured if I could have taken the money, but I said no,” said Bradley.

As the court battle ramps up, through it all, Bradley says she thinks she remains a secret to the man’s wife.

“I'm more than certain that she still does not know who or what she is married to,” Bradley said.

Bradley was convicted of aggravated DUI in 2012. After this arrest, she had to wear an ankle monitor for one month. She is facing one count of theft by extortion, a class four felony.