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Phoenix neighborhood concerned over noise from Lights of the World

Posted at 8:07 PM, Dec 15, 2017

Not all residents in one Phoenix neighborhood are happy with the Lights of the World Lantern Festival going on downtown because they say they have just about had it with the noise. 

"Every single night on a daily basis we've been hearing loud music," said Nathan Finden. 

Findin lives just a few hundred feet away from the Arizona State Fairgrounds where the festival is taking place.

He says he knew what he was getting himself into when he moved into the neighborhood so close to the fairgrounds, but he never expected this amount of noise.  

"This noise is much more extreme, and on a daily basis," said Finden. 

Finden says the music is so loud it pierces the walls of his home, and has forced some of his neighbors to leave during festival hours just to get some peace and quiet. 

"We've actually taken to wearing headphones and watching Netflix on our computers because the noise is so excessive that it's really frustrating," added Finden.

He's also taken videos from his front lawn and posted them onto Twitter to show just how loud the music gets at night.  

Unlike the fair, Finden says the noise is constant, on a loop during performances that run into the night.  

He says the stage is simply too close to the neighborhood, and residents hope event organizers will reconsider the layout for next year. 

"Next year, we don't know if they can reposition the event so that it's not so close to our neighborhood," said Finden.  

Finden says he and a few others have complained to event organizers, the city, and the state about the noise, but have struggled to get a response in return.

The Lights of the World is put on by the people who run the Arizona State Fair. They say they have received a few complaints and are listening. Organizers also say they are not breaking any noise ordinances, and have the Department of Public Safety at the event each night to monitor.

DPS officials tells ABC15 there is even a noise meter near the stage that measures the sound, and says it has measured within permitted limits.

Organizers also say they make sure to shut everything down right at 10 p.m. to assure the event isn't breaking any laws or ordinances.  

A spokesperson for the event said they aren't trying to make anyone upset, and are very proactive in working with the neighborhoods to reduce traffic and keep noise levels down.

The spokesperson added that they are listening, and want to have a good relationship with the neighborhood.  

ABC15 went around the neighborhood Friday to see what people thought about the noise and it was an even split. Some said they could barely hear the noise coming from the festival and thought the state fair is noisier.  

"The event is great. We have no problem with the event whatsoever. It's literally the amplified music and the noise," said Finden.

He hopes organizers will hear their plea and bring the music down.