Phoenix man believes chickens in his backyard were poisoned

Posted at 10:27 PM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 08:10:02-04

A Phoenix man is shocked after finding several of his chickens dead in his backyard — and he believes he knows exactly what happened.

Bob Snodgrass took to the smartphone app Nextdoor recently and said he went outside to feed his “small flock” of chickens when he discovered all but two bird were dead.

In the post, he wrote, “Not a scratch on them, but faces and necks ballooned up.”

Snodgrass and his girlfriend moved to the central Phoenix neighborhood about a year ago. He explained that he has had the chickens the entire time and is “heartbroken” by the situation.

I suspect they have been poisoned by the looks of things,” Snodgrass wrote. “I have a family member that is an ornithologist and works at the zoo with birds and she agrees.”

His girlfriend, Becky Andress, spoke to ABC15 and described somewhat of a nightmare situation.

"There was blood in their nostrils and their heads were kind of curled into their chests," Andress explained.

She added that they haven't received any complaints from neighbors. 

"They're all hens; not roosters," she said. "So they don't make any noise aside from happy clucking every once in a while."

Now Snodgrass is urging anyone who has a problem with the chickens to reach out to him directly.

“Don’t kill my ladies in my own backyard,” he pleaded.

He’s now afraid that his 8-month-old puppy may be in harms way too.

"It's a huge waste of life which is just horrible," Andress said.