Phoenix man accused of burning daughters' hands on hot stove for stealing candy

Posted at 4:28 PM, May 18, 2017

A Phoenix man is facing child abuse charges for allegedly burning his two young daughters’ hands on a hot stove.

Ronald Conjulun Rodriguez was arrested on May 9 at an apartment near Indian School Road and 19th Avenue.

His arrest comes after his 7-year-old daughter visited her school nurse and explained that she suffered a burn to her hand, court documents said. When asked how she was injured she said that her father, later identified as Rodriguez, got upset over unpaid bills.

The victim proceeded to explain to police that she said “No, daddy, no,” but he allegedly put her right hand on the stove anyway, court paperwork stated. During questioning by officials, the girl asked to see a doctor because the burn still hurt.

After interviewing the first victim, detectives then questioned her seven siblings about the alleged abuse.

During the investigation, officials discovered that a 5-year-old girl also suffered burn wounds. The girl’s hand was also reportedly burned on a hot stove top, but this time for sneaking candy.

The young girl had a blister on her right thumb and a burn on another finger, court documents said.

Despite the allegations, none of the other siblings said they witnessed the alleged abuse.

Rodriguez said the girls were accidentally injured while playing in the kitchen. He continued to deny the allegations.

His wife — whose name wasn’t released — told authorities that the suspect was angry with the victims after discovering that they were stealing candy in the house. She allegedly admitted to seeing her husband holding the girls’ hands over the stove.

According to court paperwork, the woman did not see Rodriguez burn their hands but after returning from the store 30 minutes later, she discovered the 7-year-old’s hand was burned.

She admitted that she did not call the police after treating her daughter’s burn wound.