DPS: We will make an arrest in freeway shootings

Posted at 6:27 PM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 21:27:05-04

For the first time Friday, The Department of Public Safety confirmed it is using aircrafts to help catch the person or persons responsible for a series of freeway shootings in Phoenix.

Officials also say they're using the latest technology available, but won't elaborate on what that is.

SPECIAL SECTION: Latest on the investigation into the freeway shootings

DPS has asked Phoenix Police investigators for help as well. The department is making progress in analyzing evidence, but won't talk about ballistic testing or if all the bullets that hit vehicles have been fired from the same gun. 

"We cannot give you that at this point," says Bart Graves with DPS. "It's frustrating for the public but believe me, it will, if you let us investigate this case and put these pieces of this puzzle together, we will come up with an arrest and we will come up with a rock solid case."  

There have been 11 confirmed shootings involving vehicles along Interstate 10 and Interstate 17 since August 29. There has not been a confirmed shooting, however, since September 10, marking eight days without an incident.

LIST: Where the confirmed shootings have happened

State troopers have responded to several reports of broken windshields since them, but most have been determined to be caused by road debris and not connected to the larger freeway investigation.

DPS has placed 16 digital billboards advertising the case and the $50,000 reward along the freeways and passed out thousands of fliers to nearby neighborhoods hoping to reach those who may not be following media coverage.

Arizona Department of Transportation has also placed the DPS Tip Line phone number on all of its electronic signs.