I-10 shooting victim speaks out about arrest

Posted at 4:15 AM, Sep 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-21 07:15:22-04

A victim in the Phoenix freeway shootings talked to ABC15 over the weekend about Friday's arrest.

Leslie Merritt Jr. stood before a judge Saturday, answering to a laundry list of charges.

"He looks like a scared child, for lack of a better term," said Interstate 10 shooting victim Robert McDonald.

McDonald said he's not sure the Arizona Department of Public Safety got the right person.

"I've worked as a detention officer for PCSO, back in the 90s. I've been around criminals, I've worked with criminals, I've worked in the jail. It's just the demeanor that he's giving off," McDonald said.

Investigators said they believe Merritt is behind at least four of the shootings. Just-released court documents explained how investigators linked Merritt to the crimes.

DPS went to many pawn shops and compared guns with the type used in the shootings. Detectives said the gun Merritt pawned matched the bullet found in McDonald's tour bus.

"If indeed the evidence does show that he's the individual that pulled the trigger, I'm sure as heck going to do my best to ensure he gets what's coming to him and if that includes a very long prison sentence, then so be it," McDonald said.