Phoenix Coding Academy teaching students to capitalize on Valley tech boom

Posted at 4:47 AM, Jun 29, 2017

They are only in high school but they already have their sights set on the Valley’s booming tech industry. 

Phoenix Coding Academy is wrapping up summer session and getting ready for a new class to start in August. ABC15 Mornings Anchor Danielle Lerner sat down with students and staff to see what makes Phoenix Union’s newest school so unique.

From Intel to Google, GoDaddy and Uber, the Valley is a hotspot for technology. Students at Phoenix Coding Academy are taking full advantage.

“I actually set up some of these printers, most of these,” said Gabino Meraz. He is one of nearly 100 students in the first freshman class at PCA.  With his sophomore year now just around the corner, he says the heavy focus on computer science and technology is a perfect fit.

“That’s my main reason that drove me to apply to this school,” Meraz said.

“I know the basics of HTML, Python, Javascript,” said Kimberly Sanchez, who plans to pursue engineering. “Considering it’s known as a guy’s job, there’s a lot more females than I expected here and that’s great."

“No textbooks, really heavy in hands-on experiences and integrating across curriculums,” said PCA Principal Seth Beute.

It’s a unique environment with a very specific goal: every student graduates headed for college and/or a career.

“The students are ready and eligible for entry-level positions in coding, web development, engineering, networking,” Beute said. “There’s just so much opportunity here.”

Opportunities to grow and learn through real-world applications, with each experience bringing them one step closer to that dream job.

“The rush…that that entails, is just perfect,” said Sanchez.

The school started with about 90 students for its first official school year. It is now accepting applications for ninth and tenth graders, and plans to eventually have about 400 students. You can learn more here