Phoenix cancer patient able to get her hair back

Posted at 5:45 AM, Aug 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-24 10:44:38-04

It's a big day for Gail Manery. She's about to get something back cancer treatment has at least temporarily taken away. Today Gail is getting her hair back.

She's at Classy Sisters Wigs in Phoenix. The tab will be picked up by the Don't be a Chump Check for a Lump organization.

"Over 4,500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Arizona every single year," said Holly Rose. She founded the non-profit seven years ago after she went through breast cancer treatment herself. Two surgeries, four months of chemo and two months of radiation left Holly searching for something to keep her going.

"My kids. My kids for sure," said Rose. "They were nine and 10 at the time so it was very hard to watch them walk out the door, watch my husband walk out the door and essentially just watch life passing you by." 

Rose knows exactly what these women are going through. Now she's at an interesting crossroads since the Susan G. Komen Foundation closed its doors for good this year. That means at least $750,000 in funding for breast health in Arizona is gone.

"The entire state is in a panic over how we're going to provide treatment for women. How are we going to provide screening for women?" asked Rose.  

Rose says she's taken a leap of faith to try and fill that gap in Arizona. So far they've helped about 1,000 women in the state get fitted for wigs and she's also trying to educate and encourage women to check for that lump - something that could save their life.

A pink-out 5K run is planned for October 1 at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix to help raise money that will stay local.  Registration is now open.

More information about the Don't be a Chump Check for Lump organization can be found here.