Phoenix bus strike on its 5th day

Posted at 4:21 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 20:51:21-05

It’s day five of union bus drivers walking off the job to strike, leaving thousands stranded with no way to get to work.   

Bus rider Darnell Brown, of Glendale, doesn't know if he'll still have a job tomorrow.

"Hopefully tonight, they come to a conclusion. If not, tomorrow I'm going to have to call out, I guess--tell them again tonight that I can't make it,” Brown said.

He just started a job as a chef in Scottsdale. He depends on three buses from Glendale to get there. That’s almost two hours, on a good day.

With union workers striking for the fifth day, all three lines, operated by Transdev, aren't running.

"if I lose the job, well, I'll be the way I am now--almost broke,” Brown said.

His boss has been understanding, giving him a couple days to figure it out. But come tomorrow, time is up.

"He said he knows my hands are tied at the moment, but there's nothing I can do,” Brown said.

A seven-hour walk one way is not an option. Neither are cab rides that can cost about $120 roundtrip. Asking a friend for a 40-minute car ride also is too much to ask.

It’s forcing him to stick this out or look for another job, closer to home, for less pay, and fewer benefits.

"I'm going to have to take a bus route to find one of those teenage jobs. Rent is coming up. I need money,” Brown said.

Only a few buses are running on a limited schedule. Valley Metro is updating those daily.

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