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Phoenix Batcave helps kids going through hard time

KNXV Batcave Batmobile Colten Cowell Foundation Silent Witness
Posted at 3:52 PM, Apr 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-18 19:59:57-04

PHOENIX — A partnership in the Valley is giving children going through a hard time the chance to be a superhero, if only for a night.

Thursday the Colten Cowell Foundation, in partnership with Phoenix police and Silent Witness, took ABC15 inside that Batcave and showed its positive impact.

"Our job is to make a difference in the community that we serve, and what better way to do it then to partner with an organization like Colten Cowell and help kids and the families of kids who are experiencing a bad time in their lives," said Michael Kurtenbach, executive assistant chief with the Phoenix Police Department.

Kids like Campbell Faulkner still remember and describe the night they got to be a superhero.

"Unforgettable is the way I would put it, was a complete inspiration, I still look back on it and remember it every day."

The Batcave is about all about helping children, teens and their families that have faced or are experiencing a traumatic event by taking their mind off of it for a while.

"We've now hosted 410 families through here and given 410 children a night where they got to be the super hero," said Erika Cowell, executive director of the Colten Cowell Foundation.

The children hosted are even allowed to take a ride in the Batmobile and issued a key, with the promise that when they get their drivers license they can come back and drive it.

"They, without a doubt, their child can tell you exactly where their key is right now," said Cowell.

The Batcave is actually looking to to expand and build a new Batcave. To help with their mission and expansion you can visit or