Phoenix-based flight attendant for American Airlines requesting uniform change, calling them 'toxic'

Posted at 6:12 PM, May 26, 2017

A Phoenix-based flight attendant is going the extra mile for his coworkers by urging a change in American Airlines uniforms.

Hawker Vanguard has sent a cease and desist letter to CEO Doug Parker after thousands of employees complained their uniforms were making them sick.

"I want Mr. Parker to recall these uniforms immediately because it's in the best interest of all the employees — we're talking 80,000 frontline employees including the pilots who fly the planes," Vanguard said.

Vanguard says his uniform, issued in 2016, gave rashes and much worse. He calls them "toxic."

An airline spokeswoman says they want everyone to feel safe and comfortable, adding that tests on the clothes showed they were well within safe limits. The airline is also letting employees choose alternatives uniforms made by other companies.