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Parents warned about kids using new app, Roblox

Posted at 5:05 AM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 07:22:42-05

It's a hit game where you can explore imaginary worlds and where kids can interact with other kids, but it seems Roblox is also attracting much older players with sketchy motives.

The game says that it puts users under the age of 12 under restricted chat functions but when some parents tried it out they found other users posing to be kids instructing their own to make the characters simulate sex acts. 

Now law enforcement is warning you: always test an app out yourself first and don't blame the game -- this comes down to parents being involved and engaged. 

"Parents need to be more involved with technology devices their kids are using. We have rules and laws -- don't drive till a certain age, have to go through courses and pass a test -- but we're giving kids all this technology," said Sgt. Michael Harris, a cybersecurity expert with Colorado's Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. 

He has a saying to help: Play the game, don't say your name. In other words, play the game and have fun but when it gets personal, that's when you have to raise the red flag.

Sgt. Harris says is a great resource for parents and even includes 'What Is?' videos to explain the latest chat apps.