Man detained in I-10 shootings reacts to arrest

Posted at 11:32 PM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-19 02:32:26-04

A judge ordered the only person detained in connection with the Arizona freeway shootings investigation to be released on Friday.

Oscar de la Torre Munoz, 19, was detained on Sept. 11 in a quick undercover operation outside a gas station. Authorities have never called Munoz a suspect only referring to him as a "person of interest" related to the investigation.

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Munoz walked out of the jail looking tired and ready to go home. He was surrounded by family and friends. 

ABC15 asked him what he thought about the Department of Public Safety making an arrest of a suspect in the Phoenix freeway shootings.

“I hope this time it's the right person," Munoz said. 

Munoz said he did not know the suspect, Leslie Merritt Jr. 

When asked how he was feeling, he replied, "bad."

“I got nothing against nobody, but they need to make sure they get their facts straight next time," Munoz said. 

When asked what he thinks will happen next, or if DPS will still pursue him, Munoz said, "I'm not sure."

He then said he was tired and needed his rest and quickly got into a vehicle with family members.