New signs to prevent wrong-way biking in Phoenix

Posted at 7:59 PM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 22:59:11-04

This week, the city of Phoenix Street Transportation Department is installing new signs that aim to prevent future bicycle crashes. 

In an effort to make Phoenix a more bike-friendly city, officials are using signs to communicate safety warning to bikers in the area. As the year progresses and the weather improves, the department anticipates higher activity on the streets. 

The Arizona state law states that bicyclists should ride with traffic, not against traffic. However, in Phoenix about 33 percent of bicyclist-involved crashes are related to bicyclists riding the wrong way on streets. 

The new signs will feature "wrong way" warning messages on a red background that specifically target bicyclists. These will be installed in designated bike lanes and busy biking areas around the city. 

Mayor Greg Stanton wants to make Phoenix a safer place for both bikers and motorists by installing these signs.

"Riding with the flow of traffic is the best way to see and be seen when you are on a bike and makes our roads safer for everyone," Mayor Stanton said. 

Phoenix Street Transportation Department offers reasons to encourage bicyclists to follow the flow of traffic. 

  • Turning drivers may only look for traffic coming from one direction and may not see bicyclists coming from another direction
  • Road signs are oriented toward traffic traveling in the correct direction, so when riding against traffic riders may miss important information

For more information about the city's bicycle safety tips, visit their website