New ADOT cameras on SR 347 to ease traffic back-ups

Posted at 10:01 AM, Dec 16, 2016

ADOT cameras are used all over metro Phoenix, and now this technology is being used on State Route 347 to help cut down on commute times.

It's the main link between Maricopa and the Valley, and now almost every intersection along SR 347 is equipped with cameras and wireless technology.

Technicians monitor the road right here in Phoenix from the traffic operations center. When traffic backs up, they can jump in to clear it up.

“Hopefully SR 347 will be able to handle all of that traffic a little better now,  if we can adjust the traffic signals to better fit the traffic at the time,” says ADOT spokesman Tom Herrmann.

Technicians can also alert crews to rush to crashes, or repair traffic signals. ADOT is now looking to take this technology further around the state.