NeuroEM device could help millions with Alzheimer's; Banner Health looking for trial participants

Posted at 5:53 AM, Jan 30, 2017

Banner Health doctors behind a new clinical trial are excited about the possibility of helping millions of Alzheimer's patients.

The medical group is starting its first phase of a clinical trial with the device -- called NeuroEM -- that resembles a swim cap. During the two-month trial, Alzheimer's patients will wear the device for an hour at a time, two times a day.

Patients shouldn't hear or feel anything.

Doctors conducting the trial believe NeuroEM, which was developed by a Valley doctor, could stop the disease from progressing but it's not likely to reverse it. Doctors say if it works, it would be the most significant advancement in helping patients living with the disease.

Banner Health is looking for patients with Alzheimer's to take part in the trial, provided by Banner Sun Health Research Institute in Sun City. Residents in that area can call 623-832-5328.